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Comprehensive screening, intake, and assessments lay the groundwork for a successful treatment outcome. During this initial step in the admission process, our highly trained staff will administer screening and assessment tools to help determine the appropriate level of care needed for our clients to succeed and experience the best opportunity for success.

Personalized Individual Counseling

COH uses a client centered approach to counseling. Our philosphy is that each person has within oneself, the ability to heal and be whole. COH treatment modalities work best when client's participate in planning their personal road to success. Our therapists are merely conduits through which hope, empathy, and guidance flow. Our well trained, clinical staff will employ cognitive behavioral interventions, and motivational interviewing skills to assist client's with ploting a successful course of action that lead them through the doors which open to a more productive, healthy lifestyle.

Group Counseling

Addiction and mental health isolates individuals from friends, family, and positive influences. As a result social skills are diminished and individuals become uncomfortable in situations were social interactions are common. The objective of group therapy is to increase self awareness, increase social comfort, allow exploration of new behaviors, provide support, develop skills, and promote more genuine interactions with others.

Peer Support

Peer support services promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, and independence. Our peer supporters are well trained and experienced individuals who guide, mentor, and support our client's through the recovery process. Peer supporters encourage, positive social interactions by assisting client's with navigating 12 step meetings and social interactions in the community.

Case Management

COH case managers facilitate the achievement of client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management, and service facilitation. Based on the needs and values of the client, and in collaboration with all service providers, the case manager links clients with appropriate providers and resources throughout the continuum of health and human services and care settings, while ensuring that the care provided is safe, effective, client-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable. 

Holistic Healing Practices

Living one day at a time is an essential part of the recovery process that requires mindfulness and the ability to stay present in the moment. COH promotes holistic practices like meditation to assist clients with beginning the process of understanding and practicing the concept of live "Just for Today".

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